The Hatchery at Heritage Stone Farm

Specializing in heritage rare breed chickens, turkeys and geese

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The only Canadian breed of chicken - Chanteclers have no wattles and a small button comb. These chickens are incredibly cold hardy. Chanties lay light brown eggs year round. We specialize in the Partridge and Buff varieties SELECT AVAILABILITY IN 2022

Ayam Cemani

Considered the Lamborghini of the poultry world, these stunning chickens from Indonesia are fibromelanistic, everything is black from inside out, bones, muscle, even their organs! Juveniles now available!


Named because of their prolific laying ability the Deathlayer chicken is from Germany, known there as Westfalische Totleger. Hens typically lay an egg a day their entire life. We specialize in the silver variety. 2022 limited availability for chicks starting in the summer, hatching eggs unavailable


The Hedemora is one of the oldest breeds of chickens, over 500 years old first developed in Sweden. Hedemora are extremely cold hardy and come in wooly varieties. Taking reservations for hatching eggs, chicks and young stock starting in 2023


The Icelandic chickens originated with Icelandic settlements in the tenth century by the Norse. This threatened landrace breed is know to be hardy in harsh conditions with excellent egg production even in the winter. Taking reservations for hatching eggs, chicks and young stock starting in 2023

The Egg Layers

We also maintain a small flock of chickens exclusively for egg production for local sale. These include Crevecoeurs, Prairie Bluebell Eggers, Blue Splash Ameracaunas, Olive Eggers, Deathlayers, Barnevelders, and Salmon Faverolles


Listed as critical with the livestock conservancy this elegant ornamental bird is known for its impressive plumage with tails that can reach up to three feet. We focus on the red shoulder and silver duckwing varieties. Taking reservations for hatching eggs, chicks, and young stock starting in 2023

Sebastopol Geese

Specializing in coloured varieties including splash and grey. 2022 goslings SOLD OUT - Taking reservations for 2023

Bourbon Red Turkeys

The Bourbon Red turkey is named for Bourbon County in Kentucky’s Bluegrass region where it originated in the late 1800s. Bourbons are listed on the watch list. SOLD OUT for 2022 - taking 2023 reservations

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