Our Sheep Herd

Specializing in rare breed heritage sheep from the UK and Scotland

Fibre available on a limited basis

COMING SOON - No Kill Sheepskin Rugs (No animals were harmed in their creation!)

Soay Sheep

The Soay is a modern primitive sheep straight from the Bronze Age. Vikings brought this breed to St Kilda Island on the outskirts of the Outer Hebrides mountains in Scotland where they thrived. This breed is rare in the US. We maintain an exclusive RBST (Rare Breed Survival Trust) registered flock of about 40 animals. We currently have a herd that consists of both traditional Mouflon varieties and have a distinct white marking/pied line.

General Availability in North America - Very Rare

Livestock Conservancy Listing - Threatened

Two RBST registered ram lambs currently available

2024 Available lambs will be posted on our Facebook page

Icelandic Sheep

Like the Soay the Icelandic is a primitive sheep - they also naturally roo their fleece if not shorn, and have a long and beautiful staple to their wool. We are currently growing our flock and breeding program.

General Availability in the US - Uncommon

Currently unavailable as we grow our flock

Heritage Suffolk Sheep

While the Suffolk sheep is well known in the US, the heritage or UK variety is much harder to come by. We are working toward this more traditional look. Heritage Suffolks are shorter, with deeper carcasses and less refined heads. 2022 wethers now available

General Availability in the US - Common (UK Variety uncommon)

Livestock Conservancy Listing - Not currently recognized

2022 ram lambs available

2024 Available lambs will be posted on our Facebook page

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